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Pea Pods Pilchers/Nappy Cover

Pilchers by Pea Pods
Waterproof Nappy Cover
One Size (newborn to 16kg)

NOTE: this product does not include an absorbent insert
Compatible with all Pea Pods absorbent inserts
Use with Pea Pods Bamboo absorbers, Flannelette Flats, Terry Towelling Flats, Pre-folds... and more
Wipe clean and reuse
Waterproof and breathable

Adjust rise to suit baby's size
Place chosen absorbent insert inside Pilchers
Fit to baby

  1. Empty any solids from absorber into toilet.
  2. Remove absorber & place into dry bucket awaiting washing (no soaking required)
  3. Wipe clean and reuse, or wash with other laundry items using only 1/2 strength detergent (if soiled)
  4. Line or tumble dry on low heat