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The redesigned Tiny Farm Gymini Kick & Play introduces babies to brand new friendly characters in the Tiny Pioneers family, created to inspire exploration and discovery in a child’s growing mind. The Gymini features an engaging DUAL-SIDED ELECTRONIC RESPONSE PAD that triggers feedback through lights and music in 2 modes.

Lying & Kicking

Babies enjoy the overhead toys and practice hitting and grasping while on their backs, As they learn to manipulate the objects with their hands, their legs hit the responsive pad, offering another level of stimulation and sensation.

Tummy Time

The Kick & Play’s 18 fun activities, from teethers to toys, help extend tummy time, preparing your baby for some of the gross motor skills milestones

Sit & Play

The Gymini grows with your baby. When he is sitting up, babies can continue exploring the responsive pad and other toys, enjoying their more complex features.

Switching Modes

Simply slide the connector to move the adjustable arches and shift between the two modes of play—closed or open arches, allowing your baby to enjoy the extra-large play mat. Lift the play mat’s borders up to create a more secure environment for your baby.