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Rover Rider Toddler Skate Board

A ride on board is an easy and accessible way to transport an additional child behind a pram or stroller. Suitable for both single and double prams, it’s a portable wheeled board that attaches to the rear of the pram.

Children around 15 months are wanting to walk independently yet their little legs often get tired. A ride on is the perfect balance of letting your child feel like their own person whilst giving them the wheeled option to glide along. It’s a fun way of transporting toddlers!

Your young toddler will love to go roving on this Rover Rider buggy board! Designed with incredible compatibility for all prams and strollers, this is the universal solution for traveling with two or more children.

Your child can sit or stand for the journey with this diverse ride on. The optional seat comes with harness and handlebar for a secure ride. Unlike other ride on boards, the Rover Rider doesn’t rely on a break bar or a rear axle to attach to the stroller. The Rover Rider can be used from 15 months right up to 25kgs. All toddlers will love this ride on!


  • Adjustable length and height for universal fit on prams and strollers
  • Connector system is quick to install, with no tools needed
  • Balanced suspension that eases bumpy outings
  • Comfortable seat is optional providing standing or sitting choice
  • Seat comes with safety harness and soft handle bar for extra support
  • Ride on folds up for easy safe keeping
  • Convenient storage strap for in-travel lifts the board
  • Non-slip standing foot board stabilises your child


  • Board – ground to board: L 340mm x W 250mm x H160mm
  • Board – ground to seat back: H 530mm
  • Seat: L 160mm x W 170mm x H 160mm
  • Weight Limit: 25kg
  • Age: 15 months +