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Outlook Auto Shade Single Pack

Are you looking for serious protection from the harsh sun for your rear vehicle passengers? As recommended by the Australian Skin and Cancer Foundation, the Outlookbaby Autoshade is a specially designed, non-permanent car window shade, that screens up to 90% of harmful UV rays when in place.

Available in Squared or Rounded shape to suit the car door shape.

The Outlookbaby Autoshade covers the whole window to protect rear seat passengers from strong sun, glare, & heat. As windows can be lowered with the shade in place, they become a perfect shield from insects, and allow ventilation through the vehicle whilst still providing extreme UV protection. 

Recommended by the Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia.
  • Screen up to 90% of harmful UV rays as well as reduce glare and acts as an insect screen
  • Easy installation – Takes under 60 seconds to simply slip over top of door frame, hook under car door and adjust strap to achieve the perfect fit
  • Discreet designs means that only a small sleeve section of the shade is visible from outside the vehicle
  • Perforated mesh material maintains visibility through the glass
  • Covers whole window unlike most suction options
  • Windows can be completely lowered with shades in place which means you don't have to sacrifice fresh air and ventilation 
  • Can be easily moved between vehicles and used on either side of the vehicle meaning total versatility  
  • Designed to last using quality materials