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Designed for babies 0-24 months, supportive and breathable to protect the baby’s soft round head a neck. The fabric is treated with Purotex using microcapsules that contain natural probiotics.

The cross section of bamboo Fibers is filled with micro holes which allow it to absorb and evaporate human sweat.

    Product Technology: 
    • Cooling Gel-Infused Comfort
    • Temperature-regulating and Pressure Relief
    • Fabric treated with Purotex 100% Natural Probiotics
    • Exceptional Dust Mite & Allergen Reduction
    • Micro Pin Holes for Air Ventilation
    • Natural Bamboo Fibre Cover
    • Removable and Machine Washable Cover
    • Product: L: 240 x W: 400 x H: 350mm
    • Product Carton: L: 450 x W: 245 x H: 400mm
    • Weight: 0.2kg
    • Age Suitability: 0 - 8 months
    • Bamboo Fiver with purotex Anti-Allergens
    • Treated Fabric Zipper (removable)
    Key Highlights:
    • Bamboo Fiver with purotex Anti-Allergens