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The Glow Sleep Easy is the multi-award-winning ultimate smart sleep device. The Sleep Easy is the safest sleep aid on the market, designed to support your little one at every life stage. 

- Control your device using your smart phone OR manually!
Glow Sleep Genie app with remote control, helps schedule your day and provides one touch customised sleep settings. Or you can also manually control your sleep aid straight from the unit itself.

- Induce a deep sleep with authentic true Pink Noise (world first engineering design) and block out background noises.

- Naturally Produce Melatonin (Red Light Therapy)

- Timer feature, to run all night long or just at bedtime.

- Soothes dry nasal passages, eases breathing and reduces congestion (Humidifier with 500ml capacity to support an entire night of sleep running for 10-12 hrs, with cool mist).

- Your sleep support membership reduces stress by giving you one on one access to Glow Sleep Experts.

- Green to Rise teaches your child when it’s okay to start the day as well as improving concentration and mood.

- Safest Sleep Aid on the market with the most child-safe features including child safe lid lock, non-slip base, Australian compliant and certified, cool mist humidifier, volume calibrated for babies’ ears, safe low radiation Bluetooth. Non dependency creating features.

- Customise with a Designer Sleeve to match your mood or décor.


- Glow Sleep Easy Unit
- Power Cord
- Glow User Manual & Information Booklet
- One-on-One Sleep Support