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Tiny Love Into the Forrest Rattle

Oscar Rattle

Cheerful baby bat rattle for on the go fun

Rattling toy with soft textures and crinkly fabrics that helps encourage baby's fine motor skills.

Easy attachment ring lets you take this comforting companion wherever you go, reassuring baby with a familiar toy.

Featuring Oscar, a cheerful fun-loving baby bat named after Oscar Wilde.

One of Tiny Love's Tiny Pioneers - encouraging babies to explore and learn.

Part of the Into the Forest™ collection! Sharing those special Moments of Wonder™ with baby.


Variety of playful textures


Easy grip teether

Ring for easy attachment


Use the clip to hang the take-along toy on your baby's carrier, stroller, or crib for on-the-go and indoor engagement and fun.

0-2 months

Hold the toy around 10 inches away from your baby's face and, after baby's gaze focuses on the cute baby bat, slowly move it from side to side.

2-4 months

Make sure you hang the toy within baby's reach - babies will stretch their hand out to touch the toy, causing it to move, sway and make rewarding rattling sounds.

4-6 months

Baby’s grasp reflex disappears, and hand-control improves, allowing your little one to reach out confidently and rattle the toy with delight.


These are the key Developmental Wonders that this product can encourage in your baby:


This comforting toy accompanies babies in and out of the house, giving them a sense of familiarity and security.


The clearly defined face, bright colours, rattling sounds and textures stimulate baby's senses and support development.


Small enough to take anywhere, Oscar Rattle stimulates your baby to use fingers and hands in a variety of ways, thereby helping your little one develop fine motor skills.