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Mumilk Baby Bottle

Mumilk's baby milk bottle is the perfect addition to feed your breast milk to your bub.



  • Ideal for feeding breast milk
  • Safe glass is designed to retain breast milk’s beneficial properties
  • Wide neck silicone and spiral structure nipple 
  • Measure the exact amount of milk you're pumping with the solid ounce and millimetre markers
  • Leak-proof lids
  • Dishwasher & steriliser-safe
  • Bpa-free and phthalates free
  • 5 oz/150 ml bottles


  • Rinse the baby feeding bottle thoroughly with cool water to remove any breast milk residue after each use.
  • Wash the bottles with warm, soapy water using a bottle brush. Be sure to scrub the inside and outside of the bottles and the nipples and caps.
  • Rinse the bottles thoroughly with cool water to remove any soap residue.
  • Allow the bottles to air dry on a clean surface, or place them in a bottle rack to dry. Do not use a towel to dry the bottles, as they may harbour bacteria.
  • It is recommended to sterilise the baby milk bottles before each use.


The Mumilk breast milk feeding bottle is the perfect choice for parents who want a safe and practical feeding solution for their little ones. This bottle is made of durable glass and free of BPA. 

It is designed with your baby's health and convenience in mind. The wide neck and easy-to-clean design make it a breeze to care for, while the silicone nipple has been carefully crafted to mimic the shape and feel of a natural breast, allowing for a smooth transition between bottle and breastfeeding. 

The spiral structure of the nipple helps regulate the flow of milk and reduce air intake, ensuring that your baby stays comfortable and well-fed. With a generous 150ml capacity, Mumilk’s baby milk bottle is perfect for infants and young children.