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Baby Tooth Flapbook

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Product Description

Cherish those tiny baby teeth with this charming and compact Baby Tooth Flap Book. Just add photo and baby teeth!

Wonderfully designed, this tri-fold high quality baby book comes with a magnetic flap to allow you to easily open and securely close the book shut.

Even before you open up the Baby Tooth Flap Book, you'll be dazzled by the sturdy and sparkly cover - a lovingly hand painted illustration depicting a whimsical tooth fairyland or tooth pirate island, 

Inside this one-of-a-kind baby book, you'll discover everything you'll need to save, organize and cherish your child's precious baby teeth:

  • Baby Tooth Organizer

Store and treasure baby teeth with this unique patent pending tooth organizer. Each teeth has its own compartment!  Once a tooth is shed, simply rotate the opening of the clear protective cover over the appropriate tooth compartment and place the tooth inside. Rotate the cover shut to protect and hold the tooth in place. Finally, those adorable baby teeth now have a home in this amazing Baby Tooth Flap Book. Say goodbye to envelopes, resealable bags and mini-boxes.

  • Baby Tooth Chart

Record the date of each toothless moment on the Baby Tooth Chart. It's a fantastic tooth guide for parents as it details when baby teeth generally erupts and when they are shed. Monitor your child's blossoming smile and write special notes and dates in this extraordinary baby book.

  • Space for a Toothless Photo Area

On the left panel of the Baby Tooth Flap Book, place an unforgettable "toothless" photo of your child and capture the memories for ever. Let your child join in on the fun or save it as a secret childhood keepsake.

A modern yet whimsically designed baby book to record your baby's special toothless moments, the Baby Tooth Flap Book also makes a perfect and wonderfully sentimental gift for baby showers, christening, birthdays or any occasion.

Available in 5 designs - including our NEW unisex Eli the Firefly design !!