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Aloka LED Sleepy Light

Not only are Aloka Sleepy Lights intricate and detailed in their design, delicate in appearance and a special piece for your child’s room, but they are so simple to use and will engage your little one in their sleep routine. Because they’ll be able to operate it themselves, children can select the colour they would like each night (or a “rainbow” function!) and how bright they need it too.

The new dual-powered designs can be powered by either batteries, wall plug or any USB source. The buttons on the base of the light operate the colour and the dim settings, and you can use the included remote to change the colour, dim each colour, set the rainbow function, timer function and lamp function, and also enable the sleep fade function.

Made from acrylic

Low 5 voltage no heat LED
Use buttons on base to turn on/ off, change colour and dim
Use remote control to change colour, dim each colour, set rainbow function, set timer function, set lamp function and enable sleep fade function
Can be powered from batteries (3 x AA included) or plugged in (with USB cable included) or to any USB source, including multi‐port powered USB hubs

What is included:

  • Your upright design
  • Battery operated base with buttons
  • 3 X AA Batteries (included)
  • USB Cable
  • Remote

Dimensions: 28cm (H) x 18cm (W) X 5cm (D)