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Aloka Led Colour & Shine Light

Our best selling Aloka Sleepy Lights are now available as colour-in night lights. The Aloka ColourMe range is a WOW factor in itself, the first of their kind and in high demand even before their first release in Australia. To be able to combine the safest most functional night light with the ability to be interactive, creative and personalisable is every child's (and parent's) dream. Includes all the same great features as our Aloka Sleepy lights, including interactive remote control but with the addition of 8 x specialised colouring pens and a cloth 

Aloka ColourMe lights come with block colour pens, that are easy to use and that they will draw nicely onto the acrylic. The best part for parents- once the texta dries it is not transferable, which means no mess! Aloka ColourMe lights can be cleaned with the included cleaning cloth or a damp cloth and recoloured again and again. 

Aloka ColourMe lights feature the same settings as our much-loved Aloka Sleepy Lights including: 13 different colours, a sequence of rainbow colours, reading light, dim overnight setting and a timer setting. 

Please note, this product does NOT come with a plug.


  • Power Source: Dual powered - Batteries (3 x AA included) OR Plug in (usb cable provided). Please note, this product does NOT come with a USB wall plug.
  • Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 13cm
  • LED lights – low power consumption and never get hot or need replacing
  • Use on colour changing mode or set to one static colour
  • Timer on battery use: automatic 40 min timer to preserve battery life or press sleep mode to dim the light and set timer to 8 hours
  • Timer on plug in use: Use the remote to set the 40 min timer or leave on all night
  • Set the dimmer: 5 levels of brightness
  • Emits enough light to read by when on white light on brightest setting
  • For minimal light use the red light on the lowest setting – sleep mode (half moon button). Emits minimal light.
  • Comes with 8 x specialised ColourMe pens (including 1 x white for writing names) and a small micro-fibre cleaning cloth
  • Made from shatterproof acrylic, so if dropped or knocked over, it won’t shatter or smash