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Slobber Adult Amber Necklace

Baltic Amber Necklaces from Poland

Average 45 cm necklace weights around 15 grams ,

Beads size in the middle around 11 mm

Authentic Baltic Amber Necklace. Amber is believed to helps reduce Pain and Inflammation in Children when Teething. Amber is reputed to reduce the swollen gums, reduce red cheeks, and stop dribbling. Due to the succinc acid or amber Acid content in the amber. Amber may also help with other issues like Headaches, Migraines, Arthritis, Back Ache, Period Pain and Asthma. It has also been known to alleviate Reflux in Children. Please read our information at the bottom of the page for more details on amber, succinic acid and the possible healing properties that amber has.

Today we know that Baltic amber contains from 3 to 8% amber acid. Scientific tests have proven its beneficial affect on living organisms. Amber is electro negative; therefore, when it comes in contact with the body, it ionises it in a beneficial way, improving the body’s energy and electrolyte balance. Amber has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties; an amber tincture serves to strengthen the body’s natural immunity, helps to mitigate cold symptoms, fever as well as rheumatic and muscle pain. Amber teething rings and necklaces are given to infants to ease their pain. Amber and its derivatives are among the ingredients used in some contemporary medicines and cosmetics.

Amber House offers a 6 month warranty on all necklaces.